Hello and welcome to the Village of Caledonia’s website and more importantly we look forward to seeing you visit our village.

The Village of Caledonia has been recognized by the U.S. Department of the Interior as a historical district and we have over 20 beautiful historic homes, businesses, churches and cemeteries to visit as you “step back in time”.

Caledonia is in the heart of the Bellevue Valley, adjacent to state parks and other tourist sites along Highway 21 and 32.

One of the greatest things about Caledonia, and the thing I love most about Caledonia, is the people I am constantly amazed at how creatively and collectively our citizens’ work together to create shared values and the vision for this wonderful place; for the place we all call “home”.

Various events occur yearly in Caledonia, sponsored by the Village Board, the Caledonia Community Betterment Organization, the Bellevue Valley Historical Society, our local business owners, our local school district, and other fine civic organizations.

Caledonia is heavily rooted in our history and the talent, dedication and hard work of all our citizens, and I couldn’t be more proud than to serve as their Mayor.

If you’re already a part of our community, thank you. If you are considering relocating your home or business to Caledonia – or simply thinking about a visit – please do! You won’t be disappointed.

Come and enjoy all that is Caledonia!

Sincerely yours,

John M. Robinson, III,  Mayor